Car Insurance

Why do we need insurance for our car?

Driving a car is not a luxury but a huge responsibility. Many of us even think of driving as a symbol of standing especially in a country like India, where people think of flaunting it. With increased income, owning a car is not a huge deal at least nowadays, and others can easily purchase bikes and cars. It not only portrays the state of society, but also increases mobility and thus saves time. Driving eliminates dependence on public transportation, too.

It is true that driving has made our lives comfortable but at the same time it also pushes us towards a dangerous life as well. As someone rightly said, “The highway ends at the cemetery.” In the name of bragging, people not only endanger their lives but also harm others by increasing the speed in their cars. Daily reports of accidents as well such as deaths inside the newspaper are now standard. People lose their lives in road accidents due to the violation of traffic rules and failure to follow driving ethics, and they also endanger the lives of others. Moreover, the value of spare parts combined with the high repair costs squeeze your pocketbook proving that having an honest auto policy has been an issue of late.


Vehicle insurance is purchased exclusively for road vehicles with the aim of protecting the vehicle and thus the driver from any physical damage only in the event of an accident. There are many factors that purchasing car insurance is important:

Mandatory by law:

The main reason for purchasing auto insurance is that it is mandatory by law. According to the Automobile Law, it is necessary to have third-party insurance. The police have the right to view your vehicle documents such as PUC, license and policy at any time of your time. If you cannot supply the documents, you are facing problem. Therefore, it is advisable to shop around for car insurance before you hit the road.

Loss and damage to the vehicle:

We all know that people have no sense of driving in the least so the totally traffic management we enjoy in our country there are few days without vehicles crashing and causing damage. The most important reason to obtain car insurance is that it covers the expenses incurred as a result of any loss or damage to your car. Hence it is always a good idea to be on the safer side and have car insurance before you get on your bike or car on the road.


Reduces your liability:

Third party liability insurance (TPL) is mandatory in India, which protects you from legal consequences of any accident you cause. TPL means that if you cause damage to another person and their property in an accident, insurance can pay for their treatment and prevent them from bearing the legal bearings.

Treatment in hospitals:

Not every car owner is fortunate enough to have some cuts and bruises in an accident. Some accidents put you in a difficult situation and you want to be hospitalized. In this case, your auto insurance company can pay your hospital bills, rather than cutting out hospital and exorbitant treatment costs out of your pocket.

Compensation for your family after your death:

Some accidents are so horrific that they lead to the death of the car owner, and are the most unfortunate consequence of a traffic accident. Once the livelihoods document holder abandons the ghost, it becomes difficult for his / her family to meet their daily needs. Therefore, a car insurance policy helps the family bear the costs of communication after any unfortunate event.