How to be a Lawyer

General details of being a lawyer

We all know that attorneys dedicate their whole lives to improving and balancing the law. They make sure that they provide the necessary legal aid to guide and defend their clients. However, their role in society isn’t just that, so here are some key general details about attorneys and being a lawyer.

Who is the lawyer?

The main task of lawyers is to represent their clients in many criminal and civil lawsuits. They also manage some governmental and individual legal documents and provide advice on legal issues for transactions. In addition, attorneys are given the opportunity to either specialize in a specific area of ​​law, or work in several areas. Their customers can vary from individuals, companies, and government agencies. Most of them work in private legal offices, while some work in local governments alongside other attorneys, working up to 40 and sometimes more than 40 hours a week, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., nearly every day. As for their salary, it is generally estimated at between $ 70,000 and $ 200,000 annually, depending on the state in which the attorney works and the degree of experience.


Types of lawyers

There are 5 main types of attorney jobs that you can choose: trial attorney, tax attorney, intellectual property attorney, judge, and law school professor.

Prosecution lawyers:

While the process one needs to go through to become a lawyer may be daunting at first, the annual salary that comes with it is very encouraging. To put it into perspective, the attorney spent a total of 7 years studying towards this degree. As the job title suggests, they regularly present to them their clients’ problems during the trial, after discussing strategies and potential outcomes with the client. Their estimated annual salary is around $ 101,802.

Tax attorneys:

With the increasing popularity of taxes in our daily life, we need a tax attorney to make sure our taxes are well managed, or to solve some tax problems. To illustrate the importance of tax attorneys, it is worth noting that in order for companies to be successful, you urgently need a tax attorney above them. These attorneys earn about $ 101,655 per year.


Intellectual property attorneys:

This type of attorney ensures the protection of ideas and intellectual property such as the production of music, movies, books, logos, trademarks, etc. Intellectual property attorneys, who earn up to $ 127,765 per year, are among the most popular attorneys in the digital world today.


Judges are considered experienced, hand-picked attorneys and are given the role of court administration. They are the direct rule of law that makes the final decisions. With great responsibility comes a large income; In fact, the average judge’s salary in 2019 was calculated to be between $ 210,900 and $ 270,700, depending on the type and responsibilities of the judge.

Professor at the Faculty of Law:

This type is more evident. Law school professors mainly give lectures at law schools and help develop judicial research. Their salaries range from $ 119,045 to $ 234,828.